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Grove iPhone 4 Case

The combination of wooden material and technology has always been an interesting field for me. Grove is a company that specializes in exactly that, 100% natural cases for mobile devices made out of local grown bamboo in Oregon. They recently produced one of my illustrations as part of their artist collection.

During the production phase for iDesk I was very fortunate to be involved in the actual cutting, varnishing and designing of a handmade outcome. Ever since I wanted to do another product which brings natural textures in your hands. Grove contacted me for a custom iPhone 4 Case as part of their artist series.

A Grove Case is made out of local grown Bamboo which results in a very sturdy and qualitative cover for your mobile device. The artist´s artwork is laser engraved on the back of the cover utilizing a CNC Machine

“birdland” by Sven Palmowski from Grove on Vimeo.

I was happy to work with this company as they are in line with my own philosophy that every good idea deserves to achieve it´s full potential. You can really see it in the way the cases are designed and produced. 

I would like to thank Grove for this great work and Jared for the collaboration on the actual design. And here is the final product:

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