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De Vetpan Rebrand

Ever since I perceived the photography from De Vetpan Studios for the first time, I was impressed by the quality and emotion captured within. Siebe Warmoeskerken, the artist behind De Vetpan, and I recently worked together to rebrand his studio with a new visual identity.

With current features in Elle Girl (Korea), the flickr community and many more, De Vetpan is a quite well known photography studio based in the Netherlands. The main characteristics of their work is the presence of nature and beautiful, vibrant color schemes. As part of the portfolio Siebe offers a great variety of professional presets packages like the currently released Summer Boost pictured above. 

If you take a look at some selected works you can get a good impression of what makes this Studio so special and has become a distinctive style you will recognize easily:

Bright orange, blue, green and purple accents are present in most of those wonderful examples. You will also recognize a very creative and quite unique approach to commercial and experimental photography. Beside the striking color palettes we highlight this special creativity De Vetpan puts into their work. In the following images you will see how I developed the icon and typography:


While developing the visual aspect of the rebrand Siebe mentioned he is about to widen his portfolio in the commercial space and add a store to the website as well. We wanted to make sure the new brand represents this side of De Vetpan but also captures the mentioned personality behind the studio. The last image below shows the final version which is now in use on the new De Vetpan website

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