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FLUD for iPad, iPhone and your Mac

FLUD is a modern, beautiful and personalized mobile news ecosystem with a vision to empower it’s users to interact with each other to access, engage and broadcast news topics that are relevant to them.

Last year I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Bobby Ghoshal and Barton Smith in San Diego. While we were  on a project for a company focussed on building mobile devices, we talked about the wide variety of possibilities for “mobile news”.

Apple just released their first version of iPad and we started to sketch out our ideas. I was fortunate to be involved during the first weeks of building this iPad App to aggregate all your favorite rss feeds within one functional and visually appealing design. After 6 Months, FLUD now became a news ecosystem for all iOS devices. FLUD Founder Bobby Goshal and I will talk about recent updates to the news ecosystem and upcoming releases on my blog during the next days.

Content aggregation plays a major role in one of my latest projects which I will write about more soon. 

FLUD for iPhone

FLUD for iPad

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