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Time Space Everything

Last August I had the great opportunity to go to New Delhi, India and work with the talented digital artist Archan Nair. While we worked on our project for GQ Magazine, I realized some distinctive difference between a digital artist and a digital designer. As an illustrator I was curios to explore a style between art and design. The outcome is my biggest collaborative effort yet with over hundred artworks and my first art book.

Systemkings started as a collaborative project between Jared K Nickerson and me in 2009. The first release was quite succesfull and well received on networks like MTV´s Swatch Playground or the Behance Network. It was a pure digital design project between two illustrators. This year I invited two gifted artists. Both brought a different approach to the Time Space Everything release.

“Good design delivers one message”. That´s one of the key parameters for my projects. If you can deliver one message very clearly, your design is functional. Where art leaves interpretation and discusion. We wanted to bring those two disciplines together and I think you can see it quite well in Time Space Everything.

Here are some impressions from the wonderful vernissage for our exhibition in Munich, Germany. I would like to thank the University of Applied Sciences, their gallery staff for the  support and Michael Hermann for the great coverage!

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